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lets you create loops of single note lines, and play them back with variable tempo. This is ideal for practicing fast, cycling phrases that require training and muscle memory--repeating legato phrases, tapping licks, sweeping licks, etc.

This is meant as a practice and technique tool, rather than a composition, notation or song-learning tool. Think Paul Gilbert, not Paul Kossoff; Guthrie Govan, not Woody Guthrie; "Eruption," not "Satisfaction." But you may find ways to use it that I haven't thought of.

I wrote this for my own purposes, as I had been working through Troy Stetina books and collecting other licks online. The first version was called "fingerbuster.html." I've cleaned the page up and added features to make it useful for others to self-train on challenging, fast pattern-based technique.

Let me know what you think!

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Q: How is this different than tab editors?

A: Those tools are usually designed to create readable tab. This is more like a musical metronome, and the tab and fretboard data entry is there to make it easy to play along with the loop.


Q: How is this different than web based music notation tools like Vextab?

A: Vextab is great and I may create that format as output. But it doesn't do what fretloops does, and fretloops isn't trying to become a general notation tool.


Q: Why doesn't it have a feature like...?

A: Let me know what would be a useful feature for you!